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  • Deah, Indie Author

Sadie's Secret Published

Available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Instant digital download for $5.97.

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Risking all to guard a truth could cost a friendship, a career, a family, and a life. Can Sadie keep her deepest secret while finding a path to security and happiness?

Sadie’s Life-Altering Secret is a fact-rooted story of what caused one young woman from Texas to flee from family and start a surprising new life in Missouri. Born fourth of six kids during the Great Depression, Sadie starts life as a disappointment to her under-employed father who wanted a son, and another burden to her under-educated mother who needed a rest.

Determined to chart a different course for herself, she looks outside the family for role models and skills to elevate her life’s chances. But one instance of misplaced sympathy changes her forever and could destroy everything she dreamed of having.

When researching her family tree, Raziel discovers photos from her mom’s high school yearbook. Suddenly she sees her mother as she was in the era when Raziel was conceived and gets a glimpse of Sadie’s early life and interests in an oil boom town of East Texas. A newspaper article from just a few years later surfaces, adding more details and a connection to the US Air Force.

Then DNA results reveal the truth Sadie had never admitted to her parents and siblings, lied about to her husband, and concealed from their children. She even declined to tell the whole truth to her best friend who had seen her through the most difficult of times.

It is with undeniable, documented facts, shared memories, and plausible conjecture that Raziel weaves together the memoir-esque story of Sadie’s Life-Altering Secret.


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