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Liminal Realities

Liminal Realities Publishing (LRP) is the umbrella under which I published as a range of pen name personas to distinguish the various genres of my written work. 


Non-Fiction & Contemporary Lit
of Deah Curry

Deah Curry is itself, if we want to be technical, my original pen name. My birth mother actually gave me a completely different name, but that one doesn't really feel like the me I've become. Although the more formal version of "Deah" shows up on my amended birth certificate and is the name under which I've paid taxes and by which I've earned all my educational and career credentials (save for those few years when I took a married name. I gave that name back when it and the spouse it belonged to failed to work for me any longer.)

Most of the blog posts on this website are written under this persona. All of the non-fiction I've published over the years has been under this name, as is the Unforeseen novel, available exclusively at Smashwords. 


Memoirs of Raziel Bearn

Raziel Bearn is the part of me who grew from being a secret child, and became impassioned about researching and relaying the stories of biological and ancestral relations, always based on fact as much as facts could be discovered.  

Echoes, Lies, and Enduring Mysteries along with Sadie's Life Altering Secret which are most centrally about my birth mother are available on Amazon and the Smashwords platform. 

Bittersweet the Wait is a fictionalized memoir about reconnecting with a high school crush as we approached the retirement years. This is also on Amazon and Smashwords.

Whispered Tales: 5 Interviews with my Ancestors is a creative presentation of the history of some of the more notable women found in my genealogy, much to my amazement. This ebook is exclusively on Smashwords.

A sample of other memoir writings are offered on the Memoirs page of this website, and in several tagged blog posts. Thanks for checking 


Poetry of Ellyn Mayfair

Ellyn Mayfair is the name I use when writing poetry. This name was my first pen name and has a history I choose to keep private. This persona centers on the heart and soul dynamics of lost loves, whether separated by time and distance, or by politics, divorce, or death. 

Love is a Struggle & Frustrated Lust: Poems on the Evolution of a Reclaimed Relationship is available on the Smashwords platform. 

A sample of my poetry not included in that ebook can be viewed here.


BlackMoon Lillith Erotica

BlackMoon Lillith is an aging feminist, zaftig hippie chick whose inner-conflict busting agenda is to rescue the sacred slut from the pearl-clutching inhibitions of the good girl.


She is currently working on a short story series, and a verse novella, all of which will likely be available on the Smashwords platform. 

Excerpts from the verse novella can be viewed here.

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