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Data Privacy & Terms of Use

Don't do anything on the internet 
you wouldn't want your grandmother to share with her gossipy friends.

After the Russians and the Know Nothing Deplorables elected FortyFive the Despicable, and the Zuck got twice roasted on the congressional BBQ for lapses in adequately safeguarding all his friends' (and yours and mine) most intimate details such as their secret family recipes for Palo Alto chili, or maybe just their secret family, and how cute the doberman looks in a tutu, some parts of the tech-using world felt the need to be more aware of what privacy means and doesn't mean in the 21st century.


(Wow, I think that's a record run on sentence. Do I get a prize?)

In addition, the explosion of digital payment platforms like Apple Pay and Venmo, plus a plenitude of hacking of personal info from credit card, health insurance, and other corporations certainly makes the issue of data privacy more serious.

And so, dear reader, we are persuaded to set forth the following policies:


About Browser / Analytic Cookies

This website's sitemap may have been submitted to Google Search Console for site ranking purposes in Google's search engine. Google might use computer code called cookies which can ascertain your general location, computer IP address, and type of device used (desktop / laptop / cell phone / tablet) for the purpose of tracking internet use by the general public. However, that information is not monitored by Deah Curry PhD, nor by this website's host. Your browser  -- whether Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc -- may track your browsing history. Neither Deah Curry PhD nor this website's host have access to your browser history.


This website's webhost, Wix, does gather and aggregate minimal non-identifying information such as which pages and posts are visited the most, at what time of day on which days, on which social media any pages or posts are shared, and which countries visitors are coming from. We cannot see your IP address, or city.


You are encouraged to check this disclosure on subsequent visits to this website for further information in the unlikely event that changes to the analytics software have been made.


Gathered Information

You may have noticed that there are no contact nor subscription forms on this website. And there are no comment forms for the blog. Consequently, this website does not overtly gather any information that you could consciously volunteer. 


It is the policy of this website to encourage comments on social media only, where the privacy policies of those platforms cover what you choose to provide.

Because this website does not sell anything, no financial transactions are enacted here. As such no financial data is requested, gathered or stored by this website. This should be a big DUH, but lawyers think you can't figure that out on your own.

Other Limits

Other Limits on Privacy

Since there is no mechanism for providing comments or asking question, emailing or subscribing, and no surveys located on this website, there is little here in need of privacy for the visitor / reader. However, should you decide to click one of the links on the homepage to visit another of my websites -- which I sincerely hope I have deactivated, unpublished or otherwise destroyed since originally writing this disclaimer now that I'm in retirement -- you would be subject to and covered by the terms of those websites. Please look for the relevant Policies and Terms pages -- as it is wise to do for all websites you frequent in this century.

From time to time the writings found here may reference experiences I've had with acquaintances, friends, family members, professional, and even strangers with whom I may have had an interaction.  In all cases, no personally identifying information will be disclosed beyond possibly characterizing our relationship status as friend, aunt, mom's doctor, etc. 


Terms and Scope of Visitor Use of This Website

I'm told these legal statement pages are supposed to define terms under which you, the visitor, may interact with the website. So in case it's necessary to say, you are totally permitted to visit and read as often as you little ole heart desires. But more importantly, you are most ardently allowed to think about what is written, to agree or disagree, to feel prompted to do your own research, and to laugh at any of my scarcastic descriptions of things I find absurd -- or for that matter, to laugh at my unintended typos.

Nothing provided herein should be construed as a substitute for your own wise responsibility to educate yourself on whatever I have described and expounded on.  Please feel free to Google my facts and references -- it's good for you and there's no charge.

Intellectual Property


You may have noticed that a lot of my writing is somewhat tongue-in-check, which is okay because I don't type with my tongue. That would be messy. However, I'm deadly serious about the topic of the protections and limitations on use of intellectual property, especially mine.

My intellectual property is basically anything I create, and certainly anything I write. 

All blogs, memoirs, poetry, audio recordings, and all other writings on this website are the sole intellectual property of Deah Curry PhD unless otherwise credited. These writings are provided for my engagement with a reading and thinking audience and your enlightenment, entertainment, education, or thought-provoking.


You can tell I'm super serious about that because I used the super serious all caps font.

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