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  • Deah Curry PhD

Creating Sanity in Troubling Times Updated

Available at Smashwords. Instant digital download for $3.95.

Since sanity is a mental state, creating sanity starts with looking at how we can use different thought processes to change our perceptions of and assumptions about what is happening. By changing the ways we think, our emotions will shift about what is open to us as new options, opportunities and possibilities.

Creating Sanity in Troubling Times is a helpful guide during times of overwhelm, anxiety and fear that impact personal growth, effectiveness and health. Relationships, creativity, critical thinking, emotional balance and physical well-being all are adversely stressed during times of trouble.

This ebook walks the reader through easy to understand explanations of the need for self reflection and critical thinking, and includes exercises for assessing current and needed thinking and stress management skills.

Tools for developing solid thinking and healthful attitudes that help meet the challenges of dealing with today's world are provided.

A set of 20 common sense creative coping alternatives provide readers with ample options for putting this new learning into action.

By interacting with the ideas presented here, readers will create a renewed sense of sanity in a world gone crazy.

Find your copy of the updated version of this ebook at Smashwords.


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