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  • BlackMoon Lillith

Love Anyway Published

Five+ chapters accessible as

until December 15

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She’d never forgotten his touch. After all these years, he regretted declining her desire. Was love resurfacing now? Or was lust all there ever was?

When David accidentally runs into his high school sweetheart, their long smoldering passions are instantly re-kindled. His intense charm had once mesmerized Loree. Now threats lurk, new obstacles abound, and his secrets appear too severe to keep her trust.

He’s being followed. Her husband goes missing. She sees hints he’s an extremist, and finds a long-standing habit disturbing. She agonizes over how different they are now.

With advice from an unexpected source, she’s forced to face how she really wants to enjoy her retirement years. When he runs towards danger, they argue over guns inviting violence. When he suspects the neighbors, he goes on higher alert. She views his vigilance as paranoia. She resists his protective urge. He needs to fix that.

Things could be different than they seem, but he can’t yet tell her the whole truth. Will she release doubts, take his word, and let him love her on his terms?

Can love truly survive 45 years apart? Will these star-crossed lovers overcome everything life throws at them and find a way to never part again?


Trigger Warnings: Love Anyway is a steamy romantic suspense novel featuring former members of the military and small business owners. Contains on page cishet love scenes, and mildly graphic acts of gun violence. It explores some moral dilemmas and agonizing doubts not uncommon to the senior set. Guaranteed creative HEA. Intended for readers 50+.


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