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  • BlackMoon Lillith

First Time Again - a Sensual Silvers Novella

Available exclusively as a digital download on Smashwords for only $3.95. Some erotic scenes included.

First Time Again is a love story for mature readers who wish they could recapture and re-cultivate a first love. It features an empowered woman and enlightened man dealing with making decisions about relationships and next life chapters, along with an irresistible, explicit, rekindling of their long ago passion.

NANCY SILVERS had felt the need for a get-away for months. Her disillusioned heart needed to gain clarity on what she really wanted the rest of her life to look like. She just couldn’t decide where to go.

Then, remembering how bold and confident she had been in that summer 45 years ago when her future was all in front of her, all the good memories of Estes Park began to bubble up to consciousness. It would be the perfect place for having enough distance from Sacramento, and from Charlie, to finally make the decision on what to do about her marriage.

Planning to return to a place she had always thought of as special warmed her heart, and not the least because of a memorable relationship there with Vic the rancher’s son. She had never forgotten that night with him under a lone, wind-bent pine tree in the pasture out on Deer Lick Road where she had her first sexual experience.

That was back before college when life seemed less complicated. Before she had embarked on a career she loved, when she had been hopeful about marriage. Way back before her optimism had turned into realization that the gulf between herself and Charlie was only growing wider.

But will Vic even remember her after all this time? Might the sparks between them so long ago have any chance of being re-ignited?


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