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  • BlackMoon Lillith

Excerpt from Love Anyway

Copyright 2023

Loree felt both stunned and excited for the rest of that afternoon after the surprising visit and completely unexpected call from David.

“What are you smiling about? What happened today that I missed? You look like someone just gave you a check for a million bucks,” Pamela asked as they tallied the credit card sales, and swept up for the night. Butterflies in her stomach doing cartwheels, and her mind racing with hoped for possibilities, Loree hadn’t been able to stop grinning since David called.


“Better than a million bucks? What’s better than that?”

“A chance encounter with an old flame, and an invitation for dinner tomorrow.”

Loree put on her light weight rain jacket and threaded her arm through the shoulder bag strap. She was ready for the four block walk home. Pamela grabbed her hooded sweater. They exited the front door, and Loree pressed the button on the gate fob, activating its descent and autolocking in place. Then the women walked together for the first block before turning opposite directions.

“Really? That’s fantastic. Will you be taking tomorrow off then to get ready?”

Loree laughed. “Are you kidding? The day before a big funeral? We’ve still got a few dozen orders to get ready to take to Jeff Barracks Monday and the general’s place tomorrow. I’ll run home around four to get ready, but he’s picking me up at the shop.”

Pamela looked concerned, stopped walking, and put her hand on Loree’s arm. “You’re not afraid to be at home alone with him, are you? There’s no bad history between you, is there? Do you want my mini mace?” she asked, and started to pull the container off her quick release keyring.

“Oh gosh no. David is the epitome of an old style gentleman. We knew each other all our lives before we lost touch in college. I trusted him more than I ever trusted any man since. There’s a wild, adventurous streak in him, to be sure, but he’s always been totally protective of me. Keep your mace. I don’t need it with him.”

“But you’re meeting him at the shop.” Pamela knew war could change a person. It had certainly transformed her Vietnam vet father from a kind, loving dad into a sullen, mean bully who threatened her mom and siblings with violence everyday until the divorce.

“Just a convenience since he already knew where that is. Don’t worry, he’ll find out where I live, I promise,” Loree said with a deliciously wicked chuckle.

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