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  • BlackMoon Lillith

Change to Romance Suspense Action Story

You might be confused about this romance-plus story I've been working on for three years. Me too!

I thought I had an ending, but then felt like there was more to tell. So I thought I had two novels. But I didn't like writing a sequel. Threading in the necessary descriptions to get second-book only readers caught up on the essentials from the first book felt clunky to write, and I didn't like reading them.

Hats off to authors who can do this well.

But I had already written almost 30,000 words for the second book. Merging it back into the first book would mean a whole lot of editing. Well, that's part of the game, but it really lengthens the process, and I was already 2 years beyond my original self-imposed publishing deadline.

You see, that first book has been done for a long time, and yet I was reluctant to publish it in case something in the second required changes to the first.

Oy! the problems of an novel writer.

Then, one night as I was reading Outlander: Drums of Autumn with its 12 parts and 881 Kindle pages for the umpteenth time I realized the solution I needed was right in front of me -- one book in two parts.

Don't worry, my book won't be that long!

Holy cow. Conceptualizing this story as one book in two parts -- Part One: Love Anyway and Part Two: Love On Guard -- made so much sense, and the writing has accelerated significantly. In fact, I expect to publish this week!

So for those who have kindly encouraged me in this venture, my thanks for your interest and my apologies for taking so long.


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