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  • Retired psychotherapist

  • PhD in psychology of healing presence

  • Trained WixExpert website designer

  • Occasional marketing tutor

  • Rebel with selective cause

  • Grew up in the midwest

  • Worked for the USAF

  • Lived in Europe and South Korea

  • Rooted in the Pacific Northwest

  • Taught counseling and grief / loss at naturopathic medical school

  • Taught business law, philosophy, communication at a business school

  • Have given many workshops on metaphysical topics

  • Initiated shamanic practitioner

Having been a writer in one way or another all my life, and after many years as a website designer, I finally think of myself as creative. But creativity is in the eye of the beholder.


My ideal clients are solopreneurs in the healing and helping arts for the website and marketing side of my work, and sincere spiritual seekers for the more metaphysical side of my purpose in the world.


My ideal life would have no calories, a mountain range or forest in every window view, and lots of time to pursue where intellectual curiosity leads.


Experienced therapist and client attraction marketing coach with expertise in content marketing using website, blogs, social media, and e-books, for enhancing your brand authority and trustworthiness. 

Astrology, tarot, divination, shamanic journeying, spiritual counseling, past life discovery, and various metaphysical workshops / tutoring for highly motivated students.


Personal writings, memoires, poetry, genealogy, thought pieces, with possibly a little photography mixed in -- and wherever else this platform takes me.

Specializing in client attracting websites and content editing for psychotherapists, life coaches, naturopaths, energy healers, psychics, attorneys, authors, and intuitive readers. Ask about my special pricing for qualified non-profit progressive and alternative spirituality organizations.

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