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  • Deah Curry PhD

Présentation de l’Amuse Bouche pour Votre Plaisir

Something called flash fiction has entered the lexicon of writing. It refers to a blog length piece of 1500 words or less that tells a complete story, yet leaves you wanting more. In the world of fine dining, these little bites of a complete meal are called an amuse-bouche -- French for something to amuse the mouth or taste buds.

Liminal Realities Publishing finds the term itself an amusement, and just right bite of spice to describe the sometimes sensual short works of our writers. Thus, we have create a page specifically for these slightly erotic taste sensations where, from time to time, one of the authors publishing with us will display a possibly mouth-watering mini-feast.

First to be offered on our amuse-bouche page is BlackMoon Lilith's A Quick Hello. We hope you enjoy it.

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