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  • Deah Curry PhD

Blog as Guinea Pig

Do people really take their guinea pigs out for a walk, as this photo suggests?

Maybe so. And maybe that's what I'm doing. Sort of. This is my first post using the new Wix blog. I'm doing this as a test of the tools, and also to see if the new blog solves some of the Facebook shared photo issues my clients are having.

Already I'm not happy that I can't adjust the photo in this post to a precise size, and can only use Wix's pre-set sizes.

But, that aside, it's not too hard to find what I need. Now let's see if posting this to Facebook works the way we want.

Aha! Before even trying to post to Facebook, I find under Post Settings > General a preview of how this photo would look. Nope, it's going to get cut off. It's the wrong dimension. Too square. Needs to be wider. Well that's useful to know in advance, but leads to much more work.

Uh oh, I can't directly publish and simultaneously post this blog post on Facebook either like I could with the old blog. Bugger. And I can't schedule my blog posts to even publish to my website any further in advance that today. But I can change a post publication date to one in the past, in case that's helpful. WTF?!

Okay, see, these little things are why I don't think the new Wix blog is ready for prime time yet. I know at least 2 clients that will hate the absence of these scheduling functions.

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