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  • Deah Curry PhD

Why 'Capricorn Convergence' Appeals to Me

Dr Deah's Random Musings

First, you're gonna have to understand a few things about the energy of the Capricorn -- the consolidator of the zodiac, the dynamic force that applies discipline, authority, and patience to that which it takes on as its responsibility or perceives as its duty.

You could say that Capricorn is the motivating current that helps us all accomplish our life purpose or soul mission. And when you are born in the sign of Capricorn it is the personal imperative that you just can't escape.

Where others see separate and unrelated bits of information or interests, Capricorn sees the unifying sweep of subtle organization that brings it all together into a coherent whole. With the intrepid goat as its spirit animal, Capricorn scales ambitious pathways to the height of its strategic convergences that is more determined than controlling, more goal-oriented than narrow-minded.

Capricorn is often accused of being rigid and averse to change, but that is only the outer illusion masking the inner climate of mental flexibility needed to test the random threads to discern where they fit. Capricorn is a supreme initiator of change for the improvement of humanity, but it can be true that she is initially resistant to unexpected -- and in her view, unnecessary changes -- imposed on her.

Those who get to know Capricorn realize that she is practical in all things - unless perhaps caught on a bad day when some Fire energy is threatening or some Water energy is whining -- and often wise beyond her years or your explanations.

So Speaking of Practical

When I registered this domain with my own name, I wasn't really sure what kind of website I wanted. I already had several other sites that focused narrowly or specific corners of my work in the world. First came InnerJourneyWork that focused on attracting clients for transpersonal mental health counseling. It evolves into TheWorryTamer as my ideal client niche moved into working on the anxiety that other solopreneurs had about being business owners. Then came the coaching on internet marketing for fellow psychotherapists, branded as The No Hype Mentor.

Soon followed the techie aspects of my work with DeWriteSites and DeWixDoctor for website design and a bit of tech support, respectively. But at heart, there is a deeply metaphysical part of me, too, which of course required its own website, WiseWomanSeer.

What I didn't have was a site for my writings that weren't techie, or only psychological, or solely metaphysical.

Over the years I've built a following that just uses my name to Google me, rather than my business ventures. And now that I've fully retired from locator directories for therapists, and am about to retire TheWorryTamer site, it's time to use my personal name as the convergence point from which all my work can be accessed, and where I can let my writings emerge unrestricted.

And Hoping for Wisdom

Thus the Capricorn Convergence is born. I might get a little curmudgeonly here. There may be a few rants, and a fair amount of accusing the sacred cow emperors of wearing no clothes. It's likely I'll do some preachin', tho not the religious kind. Most likely I'll break a bunch of academic rules of writing while injecting personality and rather personal prejudices.

As a Capricorn, I probably won't care too much about sourcing my facts and citing my references. As a converger, no doubt I will lump stuff together than others think would be best kept apart, as if not having outgrown the fear of their peas touching their mashed potatoes.

My ambition is to provoke some thought, and occasionally stimulate at least mild snicker as I call out the absurdity of how we humans, especially Americans, behave.

But underneath all the irreverence, and possible irrelevance, I shall be aiming for illuminating a soupçon of wisdom, or ein bisschen of enlightment -- oh yes, with a foreign phrase, or two thrown in, possibly incorrectly, for fun.

It's the little things in life that amuse a Capricorn.

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