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  • Deah Curry PhD

It's not them, it's us

How many times a day do you notice yourself wondering what's wrong with people that they say or do such stupid things?

In a political season like this, it might be dozens, even hundreds if you watch the news or interact on social media.

This morning -- as I caught myself thinking this for the 10th time before 10 am -- I realized I had it all backwards. I was projecting my own stupidity.

The question really is, what's wrong with me that I get hooked, annoyed, or judgmental?

Being able to really sit with the self examination of why you get hooked, annoyed or judgmental can be a truly enlightening experience.

If you can approach your own emotionally charged thoughts with curiosity, you can learn a lot about your own growing edges.

Ask yourself - what is really upsetting me? Why do I have such strong reactions to moments like this? What's really going on?

You may be surprised by what you discover.

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