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Liminal Realities Publishing

Liminal Realities Publishing (LRP) is a private endeavor currently managed under my supervision. In addition to gathering my work from its various locations across the internet, LRP also advises on the poetry of Ellyn Mayfair and the senior erotica stories of BlackMoon Lilith, whose works will soon be available on the Smashwords platform. This page serves as a hub for everything produced by LRP.


Occasionally various social media memes are posted on the LRP Facebook page and shared on various other timelines.


Poetry of Ellyn Mayfair

Ellyn Mayfair is a poet who centers most of her work on the heart and soul dynamics of lost loves, whether separated by time and distance, or by politics, divorce, or death. Occasionally other absurdities of life insist on being expressed via her backlit keyboard. Much of her work is found on Facebook. 

Love is a Struggle & Frustrated Lust: Poems on the Evolution of a Reclaimed Relationship is about to be available on the Smashwords platform. 

A sample of her poetry not included in the forthcoming publication can be viewed here.


BlackMoon Lilith Erotica

BlackMoon Lilith is an aging feminist, zaftig hippie chick whose inner-conflict busting agenda is to rescue the sacred slut from the pearl-clutching inhibitions of the good girl.


She is currently working on a short story series, and a verse novella, all of which will likely be available on the Smashwords platform. 

Excerpts from the verse novella can be viewed here.

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