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Overcoming shame action plan free audio
Free Self-Help Stress Reduction Report
Includes an updated Holmes Rahe stress inventory, plus an identifyer tool that assesses how well your usual coping methods work for you, holistic tips on how to deal with stress, 19 specific flower essence remedies for various types of stress, plus instructions on using the pendulum and tarot cards for reducing stress.  To get your free stress reduction package use the sign up box below to request.
1. Say NO more often when asked to participate in social events.
2. Limit social gatherings to one family / business / social get together per month.
3. Spend leisure time only with people whose vitality is contagious.
4. Eliminate energy vampires and other toxic people from your social network.
5. Time is energy: Keep good boundaries on your commitments.
6. Nurture yourself in mind, body and spirit -- giving to yourself creates more energy to give to others.

Nurture Yourself Every Day

Whether you are alone, lonely, or depressed during the current economic troubles, or overburdened with too many demands on your time as we head into annual holiday season, contentious family dynamics, or untimely bad news, it's important to your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health to take the time to nurture yourself each day.
  • get enough sleep
  • eat nutritious foods, don't over eat
  • limit those tempting sweets and drinks
  • pay attention to your energy budget
  • meditate or have quiet reading time
  • get a massage or reiki treatment
  • participate in yoga, taiji, or a stretch routine
  • engage in a personal growth practice
  • connect with your spirit allies or guardian beings
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Creating Sanity
​Guided Imagery exercise
In the Moment Ways to Reduce Stress

​Use the Fast / Slow Breathing Pattern

This is a great technique for ​​​increasing patience and reducing frustration when everything is getting on your nerves.  Here are the steps:

1.  Take a fast and deep inhalation.
2.  Hold the breath for about 2 seconds.
3.  Exhale as slowly as possible, while mentally counting to 5.
4.  Inhale very fast and deep again.  and hold again.
5.  ​​​​​Again, exhale as slowly as possible, try to count to 7.​

​Notice how the body naturally wants to settle down and relax when you exhale
​very very slowly.​​

Put Yourself on an Energy Budget​​

A major cause of excessive stress during difficult times is that we all try to over​​
DO​.  A lot of this is driven by outside pressures making us feel like we must respond, when it's actually healthier to resist responding in many instances.

Sanity suggests that we should only do what brings us personal joy and a sense of empowerment -- and no more than that.  Here are a few recommendations for conserving your energy -- and sanity -- in stressful times: