coaching with Deah Curry PhD, cpc
Helping you transform ​self-sabotage, shame and  fear
​​into ​sparkling confidence ​for a soul-satisfied life
by phone​

Have you been secretly wishing for a major change?
Tired of being stressed out and pretending all is good?
Want to end self-sabotaging habits?
Introverted and need a confidence boost?
Have a decision to make but feel confused about options?​
​​Wondering if coaching can help you ?

If you are an independent minded woman at midlife, this is YOUR time.  And you want to make the most of it.
Maybe you're yearning
​​​​to awaken a long buried self-assertive drive, embark on a wild adventure, deepen your spiritual connections, or take some creative risk, but fear or inertia hold you back. 
Sound familiar?

If you want more from your life now, but you're feeling worried, stuck, or spiritually adrift, I can help. 
​​I specialize in coaching women
who struggle with over-soft boundaries, disconnection from the wise inner voice, self-sabotage, unfocused priorities, or lack of support in reaching out for your secret dreams.
Breaking free from internal critical demons and finding ways around external obstacles can be intimidating.  Wrestling with shame-fear can be demoralizing, especially when it keeps telling you you're never good enough.
Determined to find and live from your own true spirit, and stand in your own power -- but not sure how to start?

​​I can help

There's nothing more soul-healing than having someone in your corner who believes in your right and ability to have the life you want. I'll help you determine an empowering, wise-risk, action plan, and nurture you at every step. You CAN go for it, and get there.
If it's time to: ​​​
  • ​​stop living in fear
  • ​​giving away your power  
  • silencing your voice
  • ​neglecting your spiritual sense 
  • step up for what you want 
  • ​reclaim your talents​
  • spread your creative wings
  • find deep soul satisfaction​
Personal coaching can help you get there
Sometimes what holds us back are childhood belief systems that no longer fit with what brings meaning to our lives as adults.
Maybe there is a struggle within you to release yourself from an oppressive dogma that's haunting your daily choices and peace of mind.  
Or perhaps unusual experiences have been happening to you that you can't logically explain -- and you want assurance that you aren't making things up or going crazy.
Whatever the source, you're tired of feeling nervous, scared or lost.
You want to feel excited about new projects and possibilities​.  You want a genuine sense of fulfillment and resonance with the Sacred.


InnerJourneyWork spiritual counseling will help you do that

Isn't it time to STOP HIDING
​who you really are
​and live the life
​ you were ​meant to live?.​

​Schedule a free 20 min consult​ now
Creative Alternatives Coaching
and InnerJourneyWork spiritual counseling should not be
​mistaken for psychotherapy.  ​

I work exclusively ​w​ith adults who ​​
  • tolerate discomforts of change
  • decide what's best for themselves
  • know strong emotions are okay
  • don't need to be fixed
  • want options, resources​​, ideas and accountability to help ​create the life they want

​Need to know more about how coaching or spiritual counseling would benefit you?
How to  Work with Dr Deah

All sessions held by phone
~ no commuting through traffic!
~ no dealing with parking
~ no need to leave work early,
or skip lunch to keep your appointment

Are you ready
to dig deep, hear your own truths, 
speak your real wisdom,
courageously challenge yourself, and
make the changes you want?

If so, and you want to 
start now....

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